Mills in the Périgord

Buying a mill as a primary or secondary residence means becoming the owner of an atypical property full of charm. Linked to our heritage, mills are present all over the French territory and exist in extremely varied forms. Anthouard Immobilier advises you in the purchase of mills in the Périgord.

Purchasing criteria

It is important to check a number of points before signing the purchase contract for your watermill or windmill :

  • the age of the mill and the quality of its architecture
  • the state of conservation of the building;
  • the extent and amount of the restoration work;
  • if the mill is listed: the constraints of the heritage code and the town planning code;
  • the purchase of equipment and furniture;
  • the total surface area of the estate;
  • the calm and security offered by the nearby environment;
  • its geographical location and its proximity to major communication routes;
  • the fact that it is located in a highly rated region;
  • the running costs, particularly heating and electricity;
  • property tax and other taxes, versus tax benefits and possible subsidies;
  • insurance premiums.

Which type of mill to buy: water or wind?

Watermills and windmills flourished in France in the 17th and 18th centuries. The construction was taken care of by the notables of a village or the parish. The materials used were of high quality and made to last.

The main difference between these different mills is their geographical location. Water mills are found all over France, and can be found in the countryside as well as in towns and villages. Windmills are generally located on promontories, exposed to the wind. They are more likely to be found on the coast or in the south of France, with its more desert-like climate and the presence of regional winds (tramontane, autan wind, etc.).

Choosing whether to buy a windmill or a watermill therefore depends on your taste and location preferences.

Anthouard Immobilier offers mills for sale

Mills are atypical buildings. It is therefore important to call on specialists to help you choose the right mill.

Old mill for sale south of Bergerac (Lalinde) - 350m2 and its gîtes

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